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Empowering Veterans and Supporting the Community through Operation Homefront

By Brian Frazier
Kellanova Commercial Strategy Team

Brian Frazier, Operation Homefront

Kellanova is a very special place for Veterans

Introducing Veterans to careers at Kellanova and helping them succeed is very personal to me. Although I didn’t serve, my father is a Vietnam Veteran. My involvement with our K Vets and Supporters Business Employee Resource Group (B/ERG) honors his service and that of all current and former members of the U.S. armed services.

Kellanova is a very special place for Veterans. Our history of working with the military goes way back. In World War II, our employees proudly produced more than 43 million packages of K-Rations, or combat ready meals, for U.S. troops deployed overseas. We even had an employee Cookie Club that spent one evening every other week baking cookies and sending them to military personnel stationed around the world. Fast forward to more recently and we were honored with a Patriot Award for our extraordinary support of reservist employees called up to active duty. We’re also listed as a Best for Vets employer by Military Times.

But K Vets and Supporters doesn’t just focus on recruiting and retaining former members of the military to roles at Kellanova. Our motto of “honoring service and empowering lives” extends to our efforts to support current military families. One of the ways we do so is by partnering with Operation Homefront, a national nonprofit that provides relief and recurring family support programs and services throughout the year to help military families overcome short-term difficulties so they don’t become long-term hardships.

KVets and Supporters is an opportunity to give back

As you might expect, buying school supplies and holiday gifts can be challenging to these families, so working with Dollar Tree®, Operation Homefront places bins at the front of every store where shoppers can purchase and donate needed items. These bins fill up quickly and that’s where K Vets and Supporters comes in to help. Volunteers from our approximately 650 members located across the U.S. pick up the donated items and deliver them to nearby military installations to share with military families. We’re proud to help create #BetterDays for those serving our country.

Why is Kellanova such a special place for Veterans? I think it all comes down to values. Our values are an important part of everyday life at our company; they guide how we work with each other and with partners. I understand the military is similarly values-based, which makes Kellanova a great fit for those looking to continue their careers outside of the military.

As for me, being a part of KVets and Supporters has given me an opportunity to give back, to get more involved with my colleagues, and to talk with my dad about his service, for which I’m more grateful every day.

Operation Homefront Ceremony
Kellanova Operation Homefront KVets Sponsors
Brian Frazier on a plant visit

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