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A Taste of the Future

Kellanova's student opportunities offer the meaningful work, development opportunities, and collaborative culture that you crave. Scroll down to see Kellanova opportunities by region.

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North America

Two ways to Join Kellanova as a student

Temporary Student Support

Work for Kellanova while attending school through our part-time, temporary student support opportunities. These roles are part time positions that contribute to team and business goals. They become available any time of the year across our various functions throughout the United States.

In your role as a Temporary Student Support, you will gain day-to-day insights to specific team goals and contribute alongside your coworkers. You also have the opportunity to get involved with our Business Employee Resource Groups to expand your network!

With a hunger to learn and a team-player work ethic, we’re positive you’ll fit right in at Kellanova.

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Our U.S. Intern Program

During our 12-week, paid summer internship program, you’ll work on exciting projects tied to real business needs. You will get a holistic experience that incorporates our Kellanova culture and values.

When you join our nationally recognized US internship program, you’ll work on real projects that impact our business and accelerate your career.

Our 12-week, paid summer program is centered on your professional development. And, we’re nationally recognized for the number of full-time opportunities we create for our interns after they graduate.

Interns work across our business in a wide variety of functions, including Finance, Global Business Services, Marketing, Sales and Category Management, Research and Development, and Supply Chain. Locations include our Chicago Corporate Headquarters, Battle Creek campus, sales offices, and manufacturing facilities across the country.

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Latin America

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First Stripes

Our “First Stripes” program was born as a strategic response to the constant change of the times we live in. As we all know, information and technology has modify the way we work, think and live, our shoppers have a different mindset, and the way we approach our business has to be agile so we deliver the present while we build the future.

That is why Kellanova’s First Stripes Program brings young students with hunger and passion to learn so they can be mentor by our leaders, consolidating they studies and giving their first steps into their professional career, creating new ideas and insights that help us understand the new generations.

We recruit and post jobs for these roles during February and August every year.

If they’re not posted today, we suggest you create a profile and sign up for job alerts so you can apply once they do post.

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Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa

The Perfect Fit

In these regions, our student graduate schemes open up depending on what teams can benefit from your support.

That means that each student position we post is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to meaningful needs for the team that’s hiring. It’s the perfect recipe for you to gain valuable experience and be part of our team as you prepare to launch your career after school.

These jobs could open up at any time during the year, so we suggest you create a profile and sign up for job alerts.

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