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Career Journey

Unleash Your Potential

At Kellanova, we set ambitious goals and empower you to achieve them. Our wide array of development programs do just that - help you develop your unique skills and expertise to build your career. Recently we talked with two colleagues about their experiences. Here’s what they had to say.

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Supporting my leadership journey

By Amit Kumar Baveja
Director, Supply Chain
Kellanova South Asia

Recently, I completed the six-month Kellanova INSEAD Leadership Program (KILP) developed in partnership with the renowned INSEAD Business School for the World. The program ignited a fire in me to become the best strategist and leader possible.

“I’m so appreciative of this investment by Kellanova in my career. It made me want to double-down and achieve as much as I possibly can. As I see it, my development journey has accelerated with KILP and the onus is now on me to sustain the momentum.”

Part of My Network for Life

It all started when I was nominated by our India business unit and AMEA (Asia, Middle East and Africa) Supply Chain Leadership Team to join 12 other colleagues also nominated for the comprehensive program. Before convening for a week of classroom instruction at the INSEAD Singapore campus, we all received 360° assessments, including feedback from our direct reports, peers and managers. Understanding how we are perceived today was a great starting point to determining how we want to be perceived in the future. On campus strategy and leadership sessions focused on case studies and group discussions and assignments, which brought the information to light in a more relevant and comprehensive way.

I was most impressed that, during our time in Singapore, the President, Chief Financial Officer and Head of Supply Chain for our AMEA region made time to come meet with us and share their leadership journeys and strategic priorities. This showed me how invested the company is in our career development.

My Network for life After leaving Singapore, we were assigned small group projects to further our skills while also helping to advance the business. I worked with a cross-functional team that presented our recommendations for a specific business challenge we were given. Working with these colleagues was extremely rewarding. They not only helped me enhance my cross-functional perspective, but I know they will be part of my network for life.

My KILP experience concluded with one-on-one coaching, which helped me see that I can get caught up in the day-to-day and need to take the time to development my strategic and leadership point of view. I’m so appreciative of this investment by Kellanova in my career. It made me want to double-down and achieve as much as I possibly can. As I see it, my development journey has accelerated with KILP and the onus is now on me to sustain the momentum.

Learning to Bloom in my career at Kellanova

By Lorna Hannay
Manager, Promotions and e-Commerce
Kellanova South Africa

I recently spent four months as a member of the AMEA Women of Kellanova (WOK) Bloom program. Bloom is an invitation-only program focused on development and coaching of women across all areas of the business. The program spread across all of AMEA, with a few selected from each region - myself from South Africa with two others. Overall, Bloom truly helped me hone in on who I am and want to be – both personally and professionally.

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“Serving others and having a purpose that is greater than ourselves provides a far deeper fulfillment that lasts.”

Lifting Each Other Up

During the pandemic, a lot of companies in South Africa started to pay more attention to the needs of their teams both at and away from work. Kellanova has always embraced a holistic approach, so when I was invited to join Bloom, I was excited about the opportunity to spend time with 23 female colleagues, taking some time away from the office to focus on my journey.

Bloom included four workshops – one a month – group coaching and two individual coaching sessions. We were split into “pods” with three other cross-functional leaders. We were able to not only learn during the workshops but brainstorm real problems and express how things were going from a business level. The individual sessions were a great place to connect and help you find your place in the workspace all while challenging you to self-reflect. What I liked best was the opportunity to hear from people across our AMEA region about their career journeys. We even heard from a dual career couple who shared how they balanced their careers over the years.

By spending time learning together and getting to know one another, we realized that none of us are alone. Someone else is always facing, or has faced, a similar situation. We can build a stronger work and professional community by lifting each other up.

Through the coaching, one of the things I learned is how to strengthen my personal brand to help reach my career goals. I now have a better understanding of how to frame conversations to call out my strengths and showcase my work, while always being receptive to feedback.

I’ve long known that Kellanova is driven to invest in our potential. Now I know, and am proof that, they want us to Bloom.

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